Our Services

Our Services

  • Seismic Line Construction

  • Certified Oil & Gas Fallers

  • QST's

  • Pipeline & Powerline ROW Clearing and Brushing

  • Winter Access Construction

  • Road Access and Roadside Clearing

  • Commercial & Lease Site Preparation

  • Soil Salvaging

  • Fireguards & Vegetation Control

  • Equipment Rentals

Seismic Line Construction & Access

Mulching is the core of our business and Seisline's fleet of mulchers make us a leader in seismic line construction. With 30 mulchers ranging in size from 175 horse power up to 450 horse power, there is no mulching project that Seisline cannot handle.

We round out our line construction operations by providing experienced Project Field Supervisors, Certified Falling Crews, Faller Tutors, QST’s as well as access construction and freeze in support equipment.

We will provide the equipment and manpower needed for any project size with one call to Seisline.

Soil Salvaging

When conducting reclamation efforts, the objective is to conserve and re-establish the biodiversity of mine sites, in order to replace much or most of the diversity of the natural ecosystems that existed before mining and create a positive legacy for the environment and local communities.

Multiple pieces of mulching equipment work simultaneously, chewing up woody debris and mixing it into the soil, the result is millions of cubic metres of earthly mulched material can be salvaged and saved to assist in revegetation efforts.

A reclamation example is demonstrated at the Teck Coal’s Soil Salvaging efforts at their Greenhills Mine Site. Learn More

“Every area we mine, we do so knowing that in the future, we’ll need to reclaim it back to a more natural state. Salvaging soils is an important part of that long-term process."

Dan Charest, Environmental Officer, Teck Coal Greenhills Operations

Why Should You Mulch?

With so much emphasis being placed on safe, environmentally responsible harvesting of our natural resources, mulching has become the first choice for companies with land clearing needs.

Seisline utilizes cutting-edge mulcher equipment and the best techniques to get the job done safely and efficiently and with the least amount of environmental impact.

Our customers yield the following benefits by choosing to mulch:

  • Safe and Cost Effective.

  • Low Ground Pressure Equipment makes working in soft ground or muskeg areas viable.

  • (LIS) Low Impact Seismic Applications reduce TDA fees and select trees are left unharmed.

  • Preserves the duff layer making for quicker vegetation re-growth.

  • No hazard to wildlife or wildlife disruption.

  • Mulching keeps re-growth on existing right of ways safe and regulation compliant.

  • Full utilization of cleared areas.

  • Mixing mulched wood debris into soil re-establishes the biodiversity when conducting reclamation efforts.

  • Zero burning which reduces air pollution and opportunity for wildfires.